Privacy Policy


Personal data being collected by Labyrinth (

In the present text are formulated, the terms that condition the management and protection of personal data of visitor or user of the services of Labyrinth enterprise (from now on referred as Labyrinth) . Each visitor or user of the services of Labyrinth enterprise will be supposed to agree with the terms of personal data protection that are formulated in the present text, otherwise he is supposed not to use any service of Labyrinth.
Labyrinth encrypts the personal data that uses and will never deliberately reveal any personal data to a third individual or legal entity with the exception of responsible judiciaries, police and other administrative authorities after a legal demand and according to relevant laws in effect.

Service user data

To become a user of Labyrinth's services we require an email, username and password.

VAT related data

In the event of an invoice request, we require the name of individual or legal entity, VAT identification number and the address of the individual's or organization's of the entity.

IP Address

The IP address that the visitor/user will use to access the webpage is recorded as statistical element, but also for the safety of web transactions.


The webpage uses cookies (permanent and session) for the functionality of data transactions through Labyrinth does not bear responsibility for any use, from third institutions, of any permanent cookies that are created from in the PC/devise of the visitor or user.


The webpage includes links to third party webpages that are not controlled by Labyrinth and under no conditions does Labyrinth bear responsibility for the terms and conditions of any personal data protection policy in effect in third-party webpages.