Terms of Use


LABYRINTH enterprise (from now on will be referred in the text as LABYRINTH), with headquarters in Volos on street Patr. Vasiliou 47b, controls the website(s) of domain www.labyrinthos.gr. Every visitor is supposed by world standards to not use the services of LABYRINTH, if he or she does not agree with the terms of use declared in the articles below.

Article 1

1.1 Any Subscriber/customer of LABYRINTH services should be adult according to the laws of Greek state (currently to have passed the 18th year of his age).
1.2 The user/customer of LABYRINTH services is the unique person liable for the data uploaded through the services to servers controlled by LABYRINTH and grants the right to LABYRINTH to have access to these data.
1.3 The user/customer of LABYRINTH services is the unique person liable for any damage applied to minors and for any harassment of a third person by any means.
1.4 The subscriber/customer of LABYRINTH services has the possibility of paying orders through banking transfer, PayPal and every other way the PayPal organization offers, such as credit card VISA or Mastercard. The subscriber/customer is the unique person responsible for the correct typing of his credit card and personal data and has to accept any cost of a banking transfer to the LABYRINTH banking account.
1.5 The subscriber/customer accepts and declares expressly that in the case of a legal prosecution, juridicial claim or any administrative process against LABYRINTH, which is due to the infringement of any type of legal rights from his or her actions or the actions of a third party through his or her rented LABYRINTH service, he or she is obliged to intervene in the juridicial or administrative process and to completely compensate LABYRINTH, if LABYRINTH is forced to pay a compensation or other expense.
1.6 With the operation of website under the domain www.labyrinthos.gr it is supposed that the subscriber/customer agrees with the all terms that are formulated the present text and that the reading of present text is required before any use of a LABYRINTH service and also the submission of any order of services or products. For this reason, the confirmation of the subscriber/customer as well as the unconditional acceptance of the terms described in the present text, is expressed, certified and declared with the action of ticking (clicking the box) the phrase «I agree with the Terms of Service» when subscribing to www.labyrinthos.gr or ordering from www.labyrinthos.gr (or labyrinthos.gr). Both mentioned actions are considered as acceptance and signature of the subscriber/user for the terms described at the present text.
1.7 For each order (electronic or telephone or oral, or with any other way) of services that is fulfilled from LABYRINTH it is considered that the subscriber/customer is aware of the terms of the present text and that agrees unconditionally with them. In any different case the subscriber/customer should request the cancellation of the service or services he or she uses.

Article 2

2.1 Any connection speeds reported LABYRINTH website for the LABYRINTH services, concern the speed to the central network and not the speed from terminal to terminal of any service.
2.2 LABYRINTH maintains the right to alter the prices of ordered services, without previous notice of subscribers/customers, while for any change in price of an existing service, LABYRINTH owes to notify each subscriber/customer who is influenced by a change.
2.3 LABYRINTH maintains the right to suspend or terminate a service of after the service's expiration date, without being liable for any dysfunction that may result in existing services of the same subscriber/customer that have not expired.

Article 3

3.1 LABYRINTH is not liable in any case and under any conditions for any damage caused by the use of its services and does not guarantee the continuous availability of its services via internet.
3.2 LABYRINTH upgrades its servers very often with the goal of having a high level of security for their data. It is the exclusive responsibility of the user/customer to correct software or data that he or she has uploaded in LABYRINTH servers and present compatibility problems after a system upgrade of a server.
3.3 Each information provided by the internet via LABYRINTH services to a user/customer brings no guarantee of quality, precision or appropriateness from LABYRINTH. LABYRINTH does not practice control in the content of information that enter or come out from its network of servers and is the exclusive responsibility of a user/customer of LABYRINTH services to posses the legalisation for the use and/or the distribution of each information. LABYRINTH has absolutely no responsibility for the distribution, from users/customers of its services,of any information that violates intellectual or other legal rights. For each punishable action, liable is the user/customer that succumbed to a violation of a legal right.
3.4 LABYRINTH has the obligation to collaborate with each responsible state entity for the enforcement of law and this can force LABYRINTH to reveal part or the total of information that have been given to LABYRINTH by subscribers/customers or user/customers, including information derived from the use of LABYRINTH services.
3.5 LABYRINTH does not allow the illegal collection or storage of personal data via its services and maintains the right to reject or erase data, software and information that violate lawful rights by Greek and European laws.
3.6 In any case the subscriber/customer of LABYRINTH services accepts that the courts to resolve any dispute between him/her and LABYRINTH, are the courts of Volos - Magnesia - Greece.

Article 4

4.1 LABYRINTH does not guarantee the immutable of the characteristics of the services offered and is not obliged to offer any type of technical support for the services offered. Each demand of additional technical support by user/customer of LABYRINTH services can be rejected with or without justification from LABYRINTH and is the exclusive choice of LABYRINTH to respond to a demand of additional technical support and if will demand pecuniary compensation for such a support.
4.2 The official briefing on subjects of LABYRINTH services to subscribers/customers, is realised only via electronic mail (email).
4.3 LABYRINTH is not obliged to return the remaining sum from a subscriber/user for the time space that remains from the day of interruption until the regular expiry of service in the case the subscriber/customer asked for the interruption or in the case where the service was interrupted by LABYRINTH, due to violation of any term of use that is formulated in the present text. Any violation of terms present in this text is considered capable to lead to a refund cancellation of any pecuniary sum to the subscriber/customer that succumbed to the violation.

Article 5

5.1 LABYRINTH has the right to modify without notice the terms of present text and the official publication can be found in the address:
5.2 The website under the domain www.labyrinthos.gr are the official webpages of LABYRINTH and in order for any graphics or images from these webpages to be used for any purpose, it is previously required to have requested and gained a written certification of use from LABYRINTH.
5.3 LABYRINTH has the right to change the content of website under the domain www.labyrinthos.gr without no previous warning or statement and cannot be considered liable for effort of deceit because of any the typing or syntactic error that exists in the website under the domain www.labyrinthos.gr.